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    CNC machining auto hardware parts

    CNC machining auto hardware parts

    Model:Accuracy: 0.005mm

    Specifications:auto hardware parts

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    Material: Titanium alloy
    Processing equipment: precision grinding machine processing CNC machining
    Accuracy: 0.005mm
    Surface treatment: chrome plating
    Company mechanical processing range:
    1, precision machining.
    2, precision equipment parts processing.
    3, non-standard parts processing.
    4, precision shaped parts processing.
    5, metal processing machinery parts.
    6, various types of mechanical parts surface treatment.
    CNC machining auto hardware parts
    Car cnc processing hardware parts,Is the metal parts that make up the auto parts.In auto parts,Part of the CNC processing directly after the auto parts,The other part of the stamping after the need to go through welding,Or mechanical processing,Or paint and other processing technology to become auto parts.
    Automotive cnc processing a wide variety of metal parts,Such as car shock absorber stamping parts spring tray,Spring seat, spring bracket, cover, cover, compression valve cover, compression valve sleeve, oil seal seat, bottom cover, dust cover,impeller, cylinder,Stents and so on are car cnc processing

    hardware parts.
    In the choice of materials, the first according to the type of car stamping and the use of features,To choose a metal material with different mechanical properties,To achieve both to ensure product quality,But also to save the purpose of the material.
    Usually in the choice of automotive stamping materials should follow the following principles:
    A selected material should first meet the performance requirements of the use of automotive parts;
    B The selected material should have better process performance;
    C The selected material should be of good economy.

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