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    High Quality Nc lathe turning parts with токарный части

    High Quality Nc lathe turning parts with токарный части

    Model:Turning Part


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    High Quality CNC Lathe Turning Part
    Surface Finish: Clear anodizing
    Precision: ±0.01mm
    Application Industry: food machinery and automation equipment, etc.

    Why choose Kangding?

    we are certified supplier of Brother, Olympus, Osram, ATI, Unifiller , ATS, ATW, Behr, Continental, etc.
    Able to meet your high quality standard, performs 100% QC test, certification:ISO9001-2008, ISO13485:2003.
    Kangding specializes in all kinds of material , surface treatment and heating treatment.
    Fast & flexible turnaround.
    Kangding only takes reasonable profit , competitive price will be our greatest advantage.

    Area used for  Automotive, Automation, Test systems, Sensors, Medical,Sports,Consumer, Home appliance, Electronic , Pumps, Computers, Power and energy, Architecture, Printing, Food, Textile machinery,Optical,Lighting, Security and safety, AOI, SMT equipment, etc.  
    Material range Stainless Steel,Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Brass, Steel Alloys, Carbon steel,Chrome steel,Cold rolled sheet, Bearing steel, Chrome copper, Mold steel, Plastic, Teflo,etc.
    Process range CNC Machining, Turning, Milling, Stamping, Bending, Welding, Tapping, Riveting, Gear cutting, Wire-cutting, etc.
    Tolerance +/- +/-0.005mm for metal parts, 0.1mm for plastic parts
    Surface roughness Ra 0.8-3.2
    Machining size  10mm -1800mm
    Surface treatment Anodize, Vacuum plating, Nickel, Zinc,Titanium,  Tin,Brass, Silver, Gold plating, Powder coating,Passivation,Electrolytic polishing, Sandblasting, Brushing,Gas nitriding etc.
    Lead time for samples 3-5 days
    Lead time for orders 7-10 days
    MOQ 1pcs
    Payment terms T/T 30% prepaid and balance paid before shipment for
    the first batch order
    Terms of shipment 1. 0.1-150 KGs,DHL air freight priority;
    2. 0.1-100 KGs,DHL/Fedex/UPS air freight priority;
    3.Over 150 KGs, Air or Sea freight with customs declaration.
    Packing Carton box or wood box, or per customers' requirement
    Forwarder Air- Fedex, DHL, UPS, TGL, etc .or per customers' requirement
    Sea-DIMERCO, Agility, or per customers' requirement
    The nearest shipping port By air-Shenzhen airport
    By sea-Shenzhen Yantian sea port
    Remarks If you have any new inquiries, welcome here and send us your specific drawings to us,  we will try our best to satisfy you well with comptetitive prices as per your qulity and lead time request.

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