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    Special Motor Carbon Brush Copper Sleeve Hardware Parts

    Special Motor Carbon Brush Copper Sleeve Hardware Parts

    Model:Motor Hardware Parts

    Specifications:SPCC SGCC

    DetailsCommon problemOrder online

    1. Working Process:
    * Sample: R&D department control sample process directly.  Save time and directly adjust working process. Sample time: 7-10days.
    *  Production: R&D department finish working process drawing. Production department proceeding and IPQC proceeded. QC/Package department check final quality and finish package together.
     *  All shipped pats are almost 100% checked by QC/Package department.
    2. Equipment:
    *Equipment: laser cutting, cnc punch machine, bending, stamping machines, spot welding, arc welding, laser welding etc.
    3.Quality Control Process
    *In-come material checking
    *Quality controal in processing(IPQC).  2 QC worker checking during production every day.
    * Final quality control during package(FQC).
    4. Production ability
    Material  Working Process      Finish
    Stainless Steel Sheet
    Aluminum Sheet       Stamping
    Sheet metal
    Laser Cutting
    CNC Punch
    Spot welding
    Laser welding
    Arc Welding      zinc plateing
    powder coating
    black anodized
    5. You will get
    * Competitive Price Of CNC Precision Machinery part
    * Good Quality Assurance
    * In Time Sampling & In Time Shipment
    * Quality Guarantee
    * Free Sample Can Be Provided Some Time
    * Low MOQ
    * Reply in 24 hours and fast quotaion
    6. Parts we can do
    *Sheet metal parts: cabinet, metal box, storage cabinet, mail box, computre box, communication metal box, led carrier, metal fabriction
    *Stamping parts: cold steel stamping, galvanized steel stamping, aluminum stamping, aluminum extrusion stamping, and other different kinds of stamping parts.
    * Stamping Mold Development.

    1) Are you a factory or trade company?
    We are factory, so we can offer you very competitive price and very fast lead time.  Our sample lead time is 3~7 days and mass production lead time is 15~20 days.
    2) Whether some samples can be provided?

    Yes. Samples can provided. Just need some sample cost and we'll return it back when proceed into mass    production.
    3) Will my drawing be safe after you get it?

    Yes. We will not release your design to the third party unless with your permission.
    4) How to deal with the parts received when they are found to be in poor quality?
    Please rest assured that all our products are QC inspected and accepted with inspection report before delivery and generally there will no non-conformance; in case of non-conformance, please contact us immediately, take some pictures, we will check on the problems and have them reworked or repaired at the first time. The resulting transportation costs are borne by our company.

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